Eye Lashes

If you want longer, thicker, and beautiful eye lashes, visit Salon Frisor Mina in Little Rock, AR. We do not use traditional fake eye lashes. These are professional quality extensions for your eye lashes that are individually applied, lash by lash, by a certified professional. The result is gorgeous eye lashes that are comfortable and long lasting. Routine touch ups should be done every two to four weeks.

It is a fact of life that as we age, we lose lashes that don’t seem to grow back. Even with our favorite mascara, our eye lashes aren’t as thick or long as they used to be. That does not have to be the case anymore! Our expert stylists will give you glamorous and stunning eye lashes just like you had in the past, or like the ones you have always wanted!

Many popular celebrities have enhanced their beauty and careers with fake eye lashes, including Beyonce Knowles, Julie Bowen, and Lauren Winans. These fake eye lashes, often called eye lash extensions, are semi-permanent with regular touch ups. Your lifestyle or routine doesn’t need to change. Anything you can do with your real lashes can still be done with eye lash extensions.

Who has the time or patience to apply fake eye lashes every day? Let yourself get a bit more sleep every morning and still have gorgeous eyelashes that don’t even need mascara to look beautiful! The process we use is very safe and will not cause any problems with your eyes or vision. However, be sure to tell us if you suffer from any allergies.

Call us today to learn more about eye lash extensions and receive a free consultation!